Bike Saddles Come In Many Different Brands

2017-08-12 16:21

Some riders never give their bike saddle a second thought. When people buy a bike they just assume that if it's a good bike it has a good seat. Professional riders know this is sadly not true. A good bike saddle is an important choice for performance and comfort. Just like golf clubs or other sporting equipment there are different models for different types of use. Some riders Another rider may be a fan of the innovative WTB bicycle saddle. It is always a personal choice.

When shopping for a bike you will find a lot of different brands of bike saddles available today. This is a far cry from the early days of mountain biking and racing when seats were blamed for all sorts of problems from numbness to infections. In fact, the early models may have been responsible for putting pressure in the wrong places and causing more than their fair share of discomfort. Today, we have many more choices to satisfy the requirements of comfort.

Women who ride competitively will most likely find Terry saddles the right choice for a comfortable ride. In 1992, founder Georgena Terry revolutionized the industry by patenting a seat designed specifically for women. Georgena Terry patented the Terry bicycle saddle which is made in four different lines, each with several different models. The company has diversified by producing many different Terry saddles made just for men, too.

An even earlier patent belongs to Brooks saddles. When forced to commute to work on a bicycle, due to his lack of a horse, John Boultbee Brooks found the experience so unpleasant he created his own version. He filed his first patent in 1882 and soon became known for his exemplary leather saddles. This company, having been in business for almost 150 years is able to offer a product of exceptional old world craftsmanship combined with today's technological advances. No matter where you are riding Brooks England makes a saddle for the occasion.

Selle Italia saddles also offer that old world feeling. The Selle Italia was established in 1897. It has seen seats evolve from steel to modern carbon and continues to look for new and better ways of reinventing the seat. Selle saddles pioneered the use of gel inserts to relive pressure points and provide a more comfortable ride. Cyclists found that this allowed these seats to absorb the various bumps and vibrations from the road without weighing down the bike.

The WTB bicycle saddle arrived a bit later, around 1982. A new generation of bikers enjoyed a new sport: mountain biking. Riding on dirt trails over rough terrain required a much different approach to the construction of a seat. WTB has evolved to encompass racing and performance seats in addition to their recreations line. All of their saddles incorporate the company's "anatomically friendly" approach to the saddle.

Like the riders themselves is also concerned with the anatomy of their riders. This company has designed an unusual approach to fitting a rider with the proper seat. They call it "The Spine Concept". Fizik saddles are divided into categories for three types of riders, depending on how the rider prefers to sit and thus distribute his body weight. The three Once a rider finds his designation, there is a range of Fizik saddles from which he can choose.

Only the cyclist can find the perfect seat for himself. Much like athletic shoes, there is "no one size fits all" option. Riders should take into account how the seat will be used as well as the preferences of the body. Proper padding and support of the ischail tuberosities (more commonly known as the "sit bones") will prevent numbness and chafing and a host of other cycle-related complaints. Finding a saddle is just as personal and individual a choice as a shoe. Cyclists need to shop around to find just the right fit.